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Oct 1, 2011 9:15pm EDT
this debate. my party's become used to lending its policies to the government, so if i could suggest that we move on with interand mid-term targets. i'm surprised the prime minister didn't choose to mention that. these are ways, of course, of holding such a state to account and allowing this parliament to have a say on how we reach the target that is put forward. so we've been looking at ambitious, front-loaded targets. we believe this is the best way to progress in line with the u.k. stern report. by front loading the prime minister will be aware that changes have to be less serious to meet the 2020 peak. so we'll be looking at a 2020 target of 40% reductions. it's ambitious we know. a 2030 target with a further 30%. and a final 30% target for the 2040, bringing us to the 100% overall. we wanted to front load these as i explained because it's going to put forward a pressure which is hard at first. and we acknowledge that. but it's an opportunity for us say after the 2020 peak our party to be able to really reduce the pressure. we're obviously very concerned about investment in renewable ene
Oct 2, 2011 12:15am EDT
black voters as somehow under the spell of a black president because a longer view of history shows us this is representative of how-to african-american voters have been made. my very final piece -- the way in which the civil war continues to give us a legacy for white racial politics. since the election of barack obama, exposed profound anxieties about american citizenship and its intersection with marginal identity. when i teach race in american politics, the first thing i do is say to my classroom, "race is a social construction. it is not real." they nod their heads and they think to themselves, "she is not its." i can tell white people from black people from brown people. social construction, whatever. on saturday when i have to get my hair done, it does not feel like a social construction. if it feels like a biological reality because i cannot go to white hair salon. i have to go to an african- american hair salon. whatever on social construction. the 2008 presidential election was such an opportunity for me because i could actually show the hyper-social construction of a candid
Oct 1, 2011 7:00pm EDT
$59.99 $109. that will use less than 1 gigabyte of data a month. to our retail partners, that 1 gigabyte of data, we will charge them $6. think of the benefit. let's say our retail partner doubles it, quadruples it. they have to pay for >> the american consumer saves $50 or $60 a month. we are getting further behind in broadband infrastructure. we are no. 17 in the world today, comparable to malta in terms of broadband connectivity, and slipping. it is 15,000 new technology jobs every year for the next five years, when we are hurting due to unemployment. it is every single penny of lower investment is private money, $14 billion over the next eight years. >> we are going to have to leave it there. sanjiv ahuja is the chairman and ceo of lightsquared. cecilia kang, tech reporter with "the washington post." this is the second half of our interview with sanjiv ahuja. >> you are at the center of at least two investigations by lawmakers on capitol hill. there is a lot of question as to whether relationships the company had with the white house and meetings with the fcc, fast process
Oct 22, 2011 4:40pm EDT
. speaker, yesterday the u.s. ambassador told the trade minister, lovely having a chat. the united states will maintain its protectionist stance the nine canadian participation -- denying canadian participation. after winning 14 challenges with the u.s., the prime minister serves up the canadian we farmer on a silver platter. -- wheat farmer on a silver platter. why as this prime minister -- >> we are focused on building canada's economy, on creating jobs. mr. speaker, i am just in the -- i was just in the united states meeting with key decision makers in the united states and making it clear that barriers to trade hurt both about our country. we will continue to stand up for hard-working canadians. why what the liberals? liberals?'t the >> for weeks, u.s. legislatures have thought about formally considering a new terror of. why is it -7- tarrif -- a new tariff. why are they not attacking this attack on canadian jobs? >> any new tax or barrier at the border raises consumer costs. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we welcome the u.s. ambassador's assurances that no new taxes will be forthcoming.
Oct 15, 2011 5:30pm EDT
actually have somebody who is saying goodbye to us. i am so sorry. >> i am not foolish enough to stand between you and i need help. i just want to thank that some people. i have a couple of housekeeping items. thank you for coming to what i know has been a remarkable day. i was here 19 in years ago. i feel as galvanized today as it did then. i want to thank hunter co llege. it has always been a special place for women. hunters, scholars, feminists, florence in denmark to virginia valium, linda martine. again, hunter has been a home to wonderful scholars and teachers. thank you to hunter college. berg to thisbir conference. look for -- books for all speakers are on sale in the lobby. professor's booksigning will be in the lobby. if you are interested in the performance but don't have tickets, there will be overflow opportunities. thank you for coming. have a wonderful evening. [applause] >> the panel wrapping up here in new york. we will show some of the earlier panels and the speakers later tonight. you will be able to find them on line as well. look for the video library on c- span.
Oct 23, 2011 4:40pm EDT
this afternoon with some of us on cybersecurity and we passed a bill out of this committee. there are other committees, intelligence, commerce, and others that have evolved. i am not as concerned -- obviously i am concerned, we have to be, but i am not concerned now that somebody is going to try to hijack a passenger plane as much as i am what happens when it it is the middle of the winter, it ranges from 10 above to 30 below zero in the northeast and all the power grids are shut off. you are talking about hundreds of thousands of people who could die at any time. what happens if air traffic control is turned off? not only the images given to the rest of the world but the huge, huge commercial disruption, plus the very real possibility of loss of life, depending on where the planes are and where the weather is. these are things we have to look at, communications, the phones all go dead. we move trillions of dollars worth of commercial activities a day in this country and overseas. it closes down here, it's closed down overseas. these are things we have to worry about. in the old days, you w
Oct 23, 2011 2:00am EDT
to buy your oil, i do not fear the fact that you might have imports. what if somebody wants to sell us something cheaper? you have to have freedom of choice. you have to have free markets in order to find out where the best deal is. that should be across the board with all products, not just energy. >> congressman paul, thank you for being here tonight. what would you do to prevent abortion on demand and defend traditional marriage? >> traditional marriages between a man and a woman. i have supported the defense of marriage act. and to protect the state's rights to make sure that the federal government never dictates or mandates the definition of marriage. i think -- i have a bill in that has not been mentioned. we could accomplish a lot with marriage or abortion if wicks up one more principle. i want to change our courts and constitution. as an o.b. doctor, i know when life begins. i assume responsibility for two people. if i do harm to the fetus, i can be sued. there is no doubt about the morality and the legality of it. i support these efforts. my bill is called "we the people's act
Oct 9, 2011 5:00pm EDT
domestically, but there were three issues that were overwhelmingly negative for us. one was that iran and iraq were at war. it created an enormous wave of inflation around the world. we were less affected by the wave than great britain, france, and germany, but the inflation rate was very high. as president, i got blamed for that. the opposition ran a very aggressive campaign against me. the democratic party was divided. the most important thing was the american hostages were still being held by the iranians. in fact, the election day was the anniversary of the hostages first being taken, and so, all the news coverage, no matter what we tried to do in the campaign itself, was about the hostages and how i was responsible for the hostages not being free. host: roger simon? guest: i would agree with all of that. what the former president did not mention was the accusations at the time that, in fact, only the hostages had not been freed, but ronald reagan and george bush were colluding with the government of iran to keep them hostage until after the election. we do not know if that is true or not,
Oct 22, 2011 10:00pm EDT
there with our three little children. he looked at us and said, your son has a fatal defect and is going to die. we packed up the kids as quickly as we could, we went into the car and cried and cried. and i made the decision and said, we're going to do something about it. i had just been of the children's hospital in philadelphia the week before and had a meeting with a doctor who had done as a breakthrough intrauterine surgery. so i called them. he said, i do not know if we can help, but come on up. after a few days, they figured out they could do something. of course, they recommended an abortion. of course, we told them no. why? why would we killed our sons? why if your child is in trouble would you not do everything you can to help them? the surgery was done. it was a miracle. it worked. we came home the next day. we head to head to a family reunion, a 50th wedding anniversary of my wife's parents and his birth. the next day, i am driving to an appointment and i get a call from my sister-in-law. come home. karen's running a high fever. we were told that everything would probably go all righ
Oct 15, 2011 7:00pm EDT
is outside the u.s.. perhaps i don't want to use it for one of my applications. i can use it for another. to answer the question, i don't think you will see any classified information. that is not included in the profile. might be a long time before that is coming. you won't see high risk systems. there is a lot of low risk and a moderate risk systems that can be moved into the cloud. an organization that is involved in cyber security or information in federal government planning, they may decide to keep it in house or use it in a cloud in the u.s.. an organization that is supporting workers all over the globe may want to use a cloud that is all over the globe recognizing that are making a choice and the the risk they are documenting. i don't see any reason why an agency cio can't make that decision. >> he has been our guest on the communicator's along with our guest reporter jennifer atrtinez. >> thank you. >> next, the supreme court hears a separation of church and state case that could decide when an employee could sue for discrimination. it pits a lutheran church and school against a
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10